Goddess Hecate

As I child, I spent a great deal of time in nature alone with the scents and sounds of the meadow, the forest, the lake and the creek in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. I felt more comfort and connection from the natural surroundings than most of the people in my circle of family and friends. The plants, trees and stones seemed alive and able to communicate with each other. And with me. So, it was no surprise when as an adult I was drawn to their spiritual and healing properties.

When do you feel most alive? Is it through art, nature, sports, gardening? Often, the play we feel most joy and connection from holds a portent for the areas we will find our passion and purpose in later years. 

In my teens, I often experienced a sense of inner strength, a brightening of my spirit and what seemed like an elongation to my small 5’4’’ frame. At times, it seemed too much to handle. It wasn't until many years later, as my spiritual awareness grew, that I realized that this was the presence of the Goddess within me. I have felt a connection to Goddess Hecate since those early years. She is a guiding force of protection, manifestation of abundance and other intentions for empowerment. I feel as though she is a bridge from the Goddess power to the Wise Woman voice within me. How do you experience that voice within? Do you long for a deeper connection to the Goddess?

If you haven't worked with Hecate before, I encourage you to do so with this caveat. Her power is potent, be honest and clear with yourself and the intentions for what you want to release or manifest in your life. Hecate has the power to shine her light on our deepest places of darkness as well as to magnify our brightest light to support the deepest longings of our soul. 

Nasrin Safai, my colleague and dear friend of over two decades, shares her wisdom about Goddess Hecate here: https://wavesofbliss.com/angels-guides/goddesses/goddess-hecate/

I like to incorporate ceremony and ritual into my intentional practice. Ceremony bears the gift of slowing us down to the present moment, where magic and limitless potential are created. Here is a ritual for you to work with your intention. I recommend using the Hecate Escensual Myst for your ceremony as well as in your daily practice to build momentum, actualizing your intention into form aka spiriting matter.

Happy creating!!

Goddess Hecate Ritual

Here’s what you need: 

Moon Phase: Full Moon-New Moon - Use the Full Moon for Manifestation and From 3 days after to the New Moon for release work

Essential Oil or Herb: Powdered Cinnamon

Candle: Red

Flower: 3 red roses 

Crystal: Ruby or Garnet cleansed in fresh water 

Blank paper and pen

Glass of water

Depending on which phase of the moon you decide to work in, inscribe your paper with your key intentions. Offer the rose and cinnamon to the Goddess and her highest benevolent influence on your desires. Surround your candle with cinnamon and your chosen crystal and roses. After you have written your intentions, take a few minutes to focus on your desires. Place your crystal or crystals in your glass of water, hold in both hands, continuing to hold your intentions. Spray our Hecate Escensual Mist over your ritual area and surrender your desire into the capable, auspices of Goddess Hecate and envision them as fully complete. You may safely burn your paper as a ritual of alchemy, expressing your gratitude to the Goddess. Take a sip of your crystal empowered water and drink the rest the next day. Watch for signs over the coming days and open your heart to the fullest of empowering experiences. 

Adora Winquist