2019: The Year of Radical Self Care, Success & Love

As each year passes, I recognize the incredible richness and the spiritual power of reflection. Sifting through both the accomplishments and the challenges of the year just ended, I see myself skipping quickly over the successes and dwelling on the moments when I didn’t quite hit the mark. Hmmm….can you relate?  It can be painful, but the wisdom you can garner from this process can be found nowhere else. Your truth is yours alone. There are many ways to plumb this information from your soul or subconscious. As we used to say at BBSH (Barbara Brennan School of Healing), you have to go through it to get to it. Our pain is our deepest teacher, bringing us to new levels of self-awareness and expression. When we ignore it, it can pop up in the most counter-productive and destructive ways. When is the last time you took a deep breath and asked yourself big questions? What do you REALLY want out of life and where do you hold yourself back from allowing it? Do you journal? Meditate? Exercise? Do you make time to reflect on the day, the month or year? Introspect and review. Take time to look over the year, noticing where you were riding high and when you were suffering. What were the circumstances surrounding those situations? Were they emotional reactions to triggers from the subconscious?  Are there patterns at play that are limiting your greatness? When I look back, I see there were times when I allowed people toxic to me to run the show and I was not happy with those outcomes. The moments where I have given my power away or have put others needs ahead of my own have always brought the deepest challenge and pain. Both of these areas represent patterns from my childhood dynamics. 

What is your big intention for 2019? The one that holds all others within its grasp? How can you love yourself more fully, in this moment first and then as a consistent practice. What is the wise voice within asking you to commit to? Your present listening is a powerful tool of transformation.  Gently allow compassion and self-care to be your guide to the next step along your journey. Your true path of authenticity asks for no others’ approval or acceptance. It is the portal to your freedom, greater success and love. 

Ready to commit to your greatness? Let me be your guide on this personal journey of transformation. Let’s start today, get real with what BIG intention you desire for 2019. 

Then, grab your journal and commit it to paper. Further anchor your intention by using the power of the limbic brain with this specialized essential oil blend (formula below), before and after you journal to complete the memory cell and positive brain pattern. You can access and deepen this new neural pathway and build energy and intentional momentum by inhaling your blend every time you focus on this desire.  

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 2019 New You Essential Oil Formula

 5 drops   Lemon, organic  (Citrus Limon) 

 4 drops   Patchouli, organic (Pogostemon cablin)

4 drops   Geranium, organic (Pelargonium graveolens)

3 drops   Clary Sage, organic (Salvia sclarea)

5 drops  Frankincense , organic (Boswellia carterii)

Add to a .33 oz roller ball in a base of jojoba oil.