A Modern Alchemist

Adora brings over twenty years of personal process and private practice to the sacred spiral of healing. As a modern alchemist, Adora blends parts aromatic, energy medicine, sacred GEOMETRY and crystals to TRANSFORM the human experience into that of the philosopher’s quest.

Traditionally, alchemy is spoken of as a way to transform base metals into gold. The alchemy of which I speak is the Hero or heroines JOURNEY, that of transmuting the places of pain and limitation within ourselves into those of passion, purpose and vibrancy. The ability to self actualize requires this process of personal refinement. Moving through our personal processes and perspectives, we create the opportunity to become the alchemy, excavating the golden essence of the soul. Collectively, we have reached a point of CRITICAL mass where the ACTUALIZATION of your soul purpose is paramount to awakening and elevating greater consciousness on the planet. Your soul work is truly your sole work.